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World Bank to provide additional $50 million to Ukraine to support vulnerable groups during coronavirus epidemic

Ukraine will receive additional financial assistance from the World Bank in the amount of $150,000,000, particularly $50,000,000 to support vulnerable groups during the COVID-19 epidemic and $100,000,000 to improve social protection in general. Representatives of the Government and the World Bank agreed on this at the meeting in Kyiv.

Ukraine will receive 50,000,000 dollars in May this year to improve social support to the population during the activities aimed at overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic. These funds will be used for payments to pensioners, beneficiaries of social assistance in cases of disability. These financial support will also be used to increase the amount of the subsidies and remove restrictions on this type of support for those who have lost their jobs due to quarantine.

This amount is provided as an additional means of funding for the project “Modernization of social support system in Ukraine,” which is implemented by the Ministry of Social Policy with the support of the World Bank since 2014. The funds will be transferred to the State Budget of Ukraine on condition that the Government will ensure more efficient and focused public support to vulnerable groups of society, implementation of additional social services and social assistance services for recipients of social assistance in order to overcome poverty.

At the same time, there are plans to expand the programme of assistance to low-income families in order to promote comprehensive and equitable coverage of vulnerable population groups, to implement actions to reduce the dependence of recipients on social payments, to improve the targeting of the housing subsidy programme by strengthening control over the accuracy of its provision and other actions aimed at ensuring the effectiveness of social support and improving the quality of life of the people.