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Why Airplane Tickets will be more Expensive in Europe

Cheap airline tickets are becoming unprofitable in European countries. And the reason for this is that low-cost airlines have to pay climate tax.


In Germany, the climate tax will be implemented in April 2020. For domestic and European flights up to 2,500 kilometers away, the total tax for passengers will be doubled. The climate tax will increase by ten and seventeen euros for passengers, to fly up to six thousand kilometers and on long-distance routes.

Not all passengers traveling from Germany will have to pay this tax. The exception will be for those passengers who are passing through and transferring at German airports.

As experts noted, the revenues from the climate tax will reduce the price of railway tickets. In their opinion, travel by train in Germany may become cheaper by ten percent.

You may wonder: Is Germany the only country that will introduce a climate tax? No. Next year France will introduce such tax, and a year later such a tax will be introduced in the Netherlands, Sweden being ahead of all Europe in this respect.

Photo: @Ryanair