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What exactly are the Germans doing in Ukrainian Poltava?

Each year, the German involvement grows in the ancient Ukrainian city of Poltava. Here operates the Poltava center of German culture “Wiedergeburt”, German specialists develop and implement a number of municipal, cultural and social projects for the city residents. German companies function, being exemplary both in economic and socio-cultural terms. Ukrainian city becomes a favorite place of business for many Germans, a place for implementation of joint German-Ukrainian projects, a place of creative work.

Today we are going to tell more about the German writer. He is inspired by the Ukrainian Poltava and its people. His name is Christoph Brumme. Three years ago he moved to this city and learned Ukrainian language. He is a specialist and admirer of Ukrainian culture. He also dreams of strengthening the Ukrainian state and better living of its people. In German-speaking publications he writes a lot about Ukraine and Ukrainian. About their characters and customs. And in December, his book will published in Germany. It is called “111 reasons to love Ukraine” / “111 Grunde, Ukraine zu lieben”.

Photo: © Erika Borbély-Hansen