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Well-known modern kobzar Jurij Fedynskyj starts kobzaring adventure to Europe

Jurij Fedynskyj ia an Ukrainian-American composer, torbanist, bandurist and singer-songwriter, producer, bandleader, luthier, cultural activist and pedagogue.Fedynsky is a performer on kobza, torban and traditional bandura.

He was born in the USA, but moved permanently to his ancestral Kyiv, (Ukraine) after the break-up of the USSR, specifically to pursue a career in Ukrainian folklore.

And now he announced on his Facebook page that he is organizing a kobzar tour in Europe. “I’d like to formally announce my next kobzaring adventure- finally to Europe! I’ll be traveling by myself in a van filled with unique and rare Ukrainian “lost” instruments, including two new axes, a second “torban”, and finally a “panska bandura” which is in it’s final stage of construction.The tour is presently being planned and booked. “- announced he on social media and added that he plans to meet with communities of Ukrainian diaspora, as well as with representatives of universities and organizations outside the diaspora: “I have the possibility to travel everywhere and anywhere- no venue is out of bounds. I’m targeting mainly the Ukrainian diaspora hotspots, but also universities, and organizations outside the Ukrainian communities. All events are free of any charge to anyone! I cover all expenses myself. The tour’s mission is to spread the kobzar word to the world, but also to support Ukrainian culture abroad.”