Vyshyvanka Day in Ukraine

Voice of Ukraine: This year’s VyshyvankaDay is dedicated to Ukrainian political detainees.

According to the head of the organizing committee of the World Vyshyvanka Day NGO Lesya Voronyuk, 13 years ago, when she and other students of the Yuri Fedkovich Chernivtsi National University agreed to wear Vyshyvanka on the first day of the event they were supported by teachers, no one expected or dreamed that this holiday would gain popularity and will be held outside of Ukraine (more than 70 countries participated in the event last year).

Taking into account that this holiday is widely celebrated by educational institutions and universities, the organizers suggested to give up cheerful activities and amusement and to devote time to the stories about the fate of the Ukrainian political prisoners of the USSR and the Russian Federation, captured sailors in jails in Russia and occupied Crimea.

On the eve of the holiday, Ukrainian embassies and associations abroad have gained momentum with the powerful action “Embroidery Day – Day of Solidarity with Ukraine”. Members of the European Parliament and Bundestag, prominent foreign political and cultural leaders wore Vyshyvanka, and express their support for Ukraine. The entire world, today will wear an Vyshyvanka as a special symbol of the Ukrainian people.

On April 10, 2019, a third-generation Ukrainian, a conservative MP from Alberta Jim Iglinsky presented a petition calling upon parliament to designate every third Thursday in May a Vyshyvanka Day throughout Canada.
The petition states that “every year, thousands of Ukrainian Canadians celebrate Vyshyvanka Day to show that embroidered shirt is a national genetic code, a symbol of the struggle for independence, a symbol of dignity, love and unity.”
The Government of Canada is required to consider the petition and provide an official response within 45 days. Reportedy, the petition to recognize Vyshyvanka Day as the official holiday of Canada was initiated by the Canadian wing of the World Vyshyvanka Day NGO “Vyshyvanka Association” (former UCC Parliamentary Intern Volodymyr Palagniuk).