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Volodymyr Zelensky: Detainees should be released according to the “All for All” formula

Mutual release of detained persons, which took place twice in the last six months, should be continued for the sake of a certain goal – the release according to the formula “all for all”, said President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky at the Security conference in Munich.

“We cannot stop while more than 200 Ukrainians are still being held in inhuman conditions on temporarily uncontrolled territories of Donbas. And more than 100 Ukrainian and Crimean Tatars are kept in Crimea and on the territory of the Russian Federation,” the President said in his speech at the Munich security conference dedicated to security issues.

He said that after the ” Normandy ” summit in Paris, the number of Ukrainian victims initially decreased, but later the number increased again in January. “It was very painful. So what should we do, we start a dialogue, I did not think about diplomacy, we just call all our colleagues, all the representatives, leaders of the Normandy Four, we talked, calmed. There are fewer gunshots. We agreed on two big exchange deals. We have agreed , and now we are talking about the return of 200 Ukrainian “, – he said.

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