Voice of Bucha. Taras Chubay

In Munich, the concert “Voice of Bucha” with the Ukrainian singer Taras Chubai took place. The singer lived in Gostomel and his children went to school in Bucha. When the war began, he and his family had to flee the city under a hail of bombs.

He managed to save and take his beloved guitar from Bucha, where his recording studio was located. The guitar itself is now a symbol of escape and gives his concerts outside of Ukraine special energy. Currently, the family lives in Austria.

Taras Chubay has been one of the most famous musicians in Ukraine for 30 years. The son of a legendary underground culture legend and poet of the 1970s, Hrytsko Chubay, Taras loved the poetry that his father wrote. At 16, he was already writing songs to his late father’s lyrics. He bought himself a guitar and learned to play. In the following years, he composed thirty songs.

In 1991 Taras created the rock band “Plach Ieremii” (Crying of Jeremiah), which quickly became one of the most popular bands in the newly independent Ukraine.

Today Taras Chubay is very successful as a solo singer. He has recorded several albums, including the hits “Vona” (She) and “Hryfon” (Gryphon).