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Verkhovna Rada officially recognized the Scout Organization “Plast”

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has adopted the draft law on state recognition and support of the National Scout Organization of Ukraine “Plast”.

A total of 228 deputies voted for the bill.

The document identifies the Plast as a single national scout organization of Ukraine and recognizes the contribution of the movement to the education of children and youth, “receiving and establishing the Ukrainian State.”

The state plans to promote access of Ukrainian children to Plast.

The bill is to be signed by the president, and it comes into force the day after its publication.

Plast is the most famous organization, created in 1911 in Lviv by the example of the world scouting movement.

In Ukraine, the movement has more than 8,500 members, but it is also widespread in the EU countries, North America, Australia and Brazil, where there is a large Ukrainian diaspora.

The memberships are classified into four age categories: beginners (6-12 years old), teenagers (13-18 years old), older Plast members (18-35 years old) and Senior Plast members-Seniora (35 years old).

The bill notes that the state will support the development of the Plast movement, provide it with logistical, informational and financial support.

Financial support means allocation of state and local budgets for special Plast programs.

During the celebration of the 107th birthday of “Plast” A.Parubiy congratulated the oldest National Scout Organization of Ukraine: “At the most difficult moment in our history – when the Russian aggression started – hundreds of young people from Plast “went to the frontline as volunteers. Five Plast members sacrificed their lives in the fight for Ukraine in Donbas.”, – said the Speaker of the Parliament.


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