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Vadym Prystaiko urged to pay more attention to the rights of citizens in the occupied Ukrainian territories

MFA: Vadym Prystaiko urged the UN Human Rights Council to pay more attention to the rights of citizens in the occupied Ukrainian territories.
According to the Ministry of Foreign affairs, it is necessary to include a human rights aspect in all areas of UN activities, without which it is impossible to make progress in the areas of peace, security and sustainable development.

In addition, the Foreign Ministry noted that having arrived at the Human Rights Council meeting from New York, where the UN General Assembly discussed the situation in the occupied territories of Ukraine, Pristaiko noted the importance of closer cooperation between the two international capitals in the field of protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

“The Head of the Foreign Ministry attracted attention of the delegations to the severe violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms committed by the Russian occupation authorities in the Ukrainian territories, blocking access to them for international monitoring bodies, and urged the Council, UN human rights mechanisms and the international community in general to strengthen efforts to stop these violations and the release of illegally imprisoned people by the Ukrainian occupation authorities,” the statement informs.

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