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Ukrainians in the World: Why Polish President Duda granted a Polish citizenship to the Ukrainian family?

In June this year, the head of the Western Pomeranian Province, Olgerd Gebliewicz, addressed a letter to the President of Poland. He requested the head of state to grant the Polish citizenship to Andriy Syrovatsky.

In the summer, Ukrainian migrant worker Andriy Syrovtsky was driving a truck to the city of Szczecin. He was a witness of a traffic accident on the highway. The truck crashed six cars in the street. There were human victims. Cars were burning. What did Andrei have done? He stopped his car and rushed to rescue them.

He remembers: “There were no windows in one car. The fire was intense. I was holding my fire extinguisher with one hand, and the other was helping to save the child and his father. “But here is the memory of the second victim of the accident :” My rescuer pulled me through the window. I couldn’t get out. He saved me and the people as best he could.

The Ukrainian Andriy Syrovatsky spoke about his actions on the Polish road in a simple way. He said he had done what he had to do and would never forgive himself if he had ignored the human misfortune.

The other day, Andrei Syrovatsy, his wife, daughter and son received from the hands of Lubuskiy Province Governor Vladislav Daichak the Act of granting them Polish citizenship from the President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Dudy.

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