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Ukrainian World Congress outlines achievements of the year 2019

UWC: The Ukrainian World Congress congratulated on the New Year and noted the further growth of a strong Ukrainian nation. “As the year 2019 comes to a close we can look back upon a year of new UWC success stories including the promotion of the immense economic potential of Ukraine during international forums and conferences in both Europe and North America, and the first ever Ukrainian Day in Berlin during which UWC leadership had the opportunity to engage German elected officials, academics and civil society on issues related to Ukraine,”-pointed out in the UWC and added that ties between Ukraine and the Ukrainian diaspora remain strong with a mutual commitment to restoring Ukraine’s territorial integrity including the return of Crimea, ending Russia’s aggression, securing the release of all illegally detained political prisoners and hostages, and strengthening Ukraine’s independence and democracy.

UWC also reminded about the fighters and the war in the east of Ukraine: “As we gather during this holiday season let us remember in our prayers the brave men and women who remain on the front lines defending Ukraine from a foreign aggressor. May we remember and extend a helping hand to those who continue to suffer the consequences of this unjust war.”