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Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry strongly protests against Putin’s recent visit to Russia-occupied Crimea

MFA: Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has expressed a strong protest over Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit on August 10 to the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine – the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopil on 10 August 2019, which was not agreed with the Ukrainian authorities.

This visit, as well as all previous visits by Russian officials to the temporarily occupied part of Ukraine, which were not agreed upon with the Ukrainian authorities, is a serious violation by the Russian side of the state sovereignty and territorial integrity of our state.

The attempt by the Russian side and the media to interpret “visits” such as “normal” internal visits by Russian officials is misleading. Crimea and Sevastopol are an integral part of Ukraine’s sovereign territory.

The statement of the Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs reads that “any journeys of Russian officials cannot change the status of those territories stipulated in the Constitution and laws of Ukraine, but this once again demonstrates neglect by the Russian Federation of generally recognized principles and norms of international law, including the UN Charter, resolutions of the UN General Assembly, as well as obligations Russia under bilateral and multilateral treaties to which Ukraine and the Russian Federation are signatories.” On August 10, Putin visited the Crimean peninsula, where he took part in the Shadow of Babylon bike show organized by the Night Wolves motorcycle club.