Ukraine before the presidential elections

CVK: During presidential elections, about 2,000 official foreign observers are expected from 17 countries, reports the Central Election Commission of Ukraine. The CDU/CSU member of the Bundestag, Matern von Marschall, will also visit Ukraine as an international observer. Last year, Mr. von Marschall visited Kiev, Lviv and Odessa together with the delegation from Germany and the Vice-President of the Bundestag, Wolfgang Kubicki. “The aim of the trip was to gain an insight into the political, social and economic situation in Ukraine in the run-up to the parliamentary and presidential elections in 2019. But also the progress of the reform efforts within the framework of the Association Agreement with the European Union was the subject of the discussions on the ground. Georg Milbradt, the Special Envoy to Support the Reforms, outlined the status of decentralisation efforts. The aim of the municipal reform is to give back the influence on the organisation of daily life to the citizens as far as it is possible in the interest of the state as a whole” – says Mr von Marschall on his website.

Matern von Marschall