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UATV has expanded its presence in Germany

MIP: The channel UATV expanded its presence in Germany and became available in cable TV packages of two German telecommunication service providers – Deutsche Telekom and MDCC.

Deutsche Telekom is one of the largest telecommunication companies in Europe offering a wide range of TV, mobile and Internet services. UATV is still available to Deutsche Telekom subscribers in the basic package of unencrypted cable TV channels.

Another provider whose subscribers can view UATV is MDCC (Magdeburg-City-Com GmbH), which provides residents of Magdeburg with access to cable television, the Internet and telephone services. UATV is now part of the basic MDCC cable TV package.

Recall that earlier UATV channel was included in the package of operator Glasfaser Ostbayern (brand R-KOM), which provides television services in East Bavaria.

UATV channel broadcasts news and programs of its own production via satellite and cable networks in five languages – Ukrainian, English, Russian, Arabic and Crimean Tatar.