“The Secret diary​ of Symon Petliura”

“The Secret Diary​ of Symon Petliura” was presented yesterday in Toronto during the Exclusive Director’s Screening. The film tells nabout the last days of the leader of the Ukrainian Revolution. BCU invited everybody to this event on their Facebook page. Guests had a chance to meet the director, Oles Yanchuk. He is known for his works ‘Famine-33’, ‘The Undefeated’ and others. And he stated that the movie about political upheaval and war 100 years ago mirrors present turmoil in Ukraine and perhaps provides some warnings.

The film is in Ukrainian with English subtitles and takes an unprecedented look at the short-lived Ukrainian National Republic, which declared an independent Ukraine in 1918, and the later assassination of the UNR’s President, Simon Petliura, in Paris in 1926, orchestrated by the Kremlin at the start of the Soviet occupation of Ukraine.

“The Secret Diary​ of Symon Petliura”