The League of Ukrainian Canadians (LUC), formerly Canadian League for the Liberation of Ukraine celebrates its 70th anniversary

One of the oldest and most respected publications in North America, Ukrainian Echo (Homin Ukrainy) congratulated on its Facebook page.

“Ukrainian Echo (Homin Ukrainy) congratulates the League of Ukrainian Canadians (LUC) on its 70th anniversary! “, – published Homin Ukrainy. “Nowadays the League of Ukrainian Canadians (LUC), has become a powerful tool for saving and maintaining the historical remembrance and support the Ukraine under the conditions of the recent liberation struggle, when Ukraine is again experiencing challenges. We believe that he League of Ukrainian Canadians (LUC) will remain an example of service to Canada and Ukraine. “

The Canadian League for the Liberation of Ukraine or CLLU (today the League of Ukrainian Canadians) was founded in Toronto in 1949. Since its inception, the CLLU’s goal was to build bridges to organizations with similar aims and goals, to facilitate Ukraine’s path to independence, and to develop and expand the life of the Ukrainian community in Canada and the diaspora as a whole.
At first, the National Executive of the CLLU included a women’s representative, but in December 1955, on the basis of a well-developed network of women’s representations, the Women’s Association of the CLLU was founded with its own procedures and by-laws, and its own executive.
The Women’s Association began its history alongside the CLLU and was guided by the same principles, aims and goals. Additionally, however, it also addressed the social, charitable and cultural-educational needs of the community.
Activities of both the CLLU and the Women’s Association, especially in the internal Ukrainian political, social, educational and cultural areas, focused on the preservation and development of Ukrainian identity among their members and the Ukrainian community in general.
At the same time, the CLLU and the Women’s Association were engaged in external political activity. Throughout their existence, they initiated or actively participated in hundreds if not thousands of important political events at the national level with the aim of informing Canadian public opinion regarding Ukraine.