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The first conclusions of the Iranian investigators: the Ukraine International Airlines aircraft was on fire in the air before it crashed

Ukrainian passenger aircraft Boeing 737 of Ukrainian International Airlines (UIA), which crashed on the morning of January 8 in Tehran, was on fire in the air before it crashed.

The report by Iran’s Civil Aviation Organization into Wednesday’s crash noted that the crew of the Ukrainian plane tried to return the plane to Tehran airport, but did not request help via radio communication.

It is noted that after the crash of the Boeing 737, there was a “powerful explosion”, probably because the plane was fully fueled to fly to Kyiv.

Investigators noted that both so-called black boxes were found, but they were damaged, so some of the records on them were lost.
The preliminary report was released Thursday, just one day after the crash, and is not intended as the final report into the disaster. Final reports into aviation disasters tend to take months, or even years, to be published.