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The Federal Government cautions people against unnecessary tourist trips abroad

The Federal Government cautions people against unnecessary tourist trips abroad – and also within Germany. In many countries, restrictions on international air and travel and quarantine measures are expected to become more and more strict.
There are contact restrictions and travel restrictions throughout Germany – initially until 3 May 2020. Accommodation should only be provided in necessary cases and ” specifically not for tourist purposes”. Visiting friends and relatives is not recommended.

The Federal Foreign Office warned about tourist trips abroad. The Federal Government has extended this international travel warning for unnecessary tourist trips abroad until 14 June initially.

The extension was decided because the situation regarding the global pandemic is still existing and further strong restrictions regarding international air and travel traffic as well as worldwide entry restrictions, quarantine measures and restrictions of public life are to be expected in many countries.

Situation with Schengen visas

On 9th April 2020 the Federal Ministry of the Interior adopted a regulation exempting holders of expiring Schengen visas from the requirement of a residence permit for a limited period of time. With this regulation, the Federal Ministry of the Interior takes into account the special situation of holders of expiring Schengen visas, who are temporarily unable to leave Germany and return to their home countries due to the far-reaching restrictions on international travel. This is intended to prevent a situation in which an illegal stay is a violation of the law. The affected individuals may continue to be employed after the Schengen visa expires. The regulation comes into force on 10 April and is initially limited until 30 June 2020.

The regulation applies to foreigners who were in Germany on 17 March 2020 with a valid Schengen visa or who entered Germany after 17 March 2020 and before 10 April 2020 with a valid Schengen visa.