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The “Big Family” Ukrainian Ethnographic Festival was held in Estonia On August 17, 2019, in the ancient Estonian city of Rakvere, a Ukrainian ethnographic festival “Big Family” took place. This well attended event brought together Ukrainian creative bands from all over Estonia.
Festival program included Ukrainian songs, cheerful dances. All gueats felt the Ukrainian openness and were pleasantly surprised by ukrainian traditions. One of the festival’s highlights was the presentation of “motanka doll”. First ever doll like that was made more than 5 000 years ago, to protect from evil and sickness and were also used in rituals.

Motanka doll was made from natural materials, such as straw, flax and wool, with corn cob as the base that was covered in layers. Scissors and knives are forbidden and the entire doll was to be made using knots. The threads were made in east to west direction, direction of the Sun, and in a spiral way as a symbol of infinity.

However, some believed that the ancestors spirit would come inside the doll and guard the family.

Festival organizers predict that this cultural event, which was a great success among local residents and foreign visitors, will definitely be held again and again in the future.