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Bavaria becomes first German state to impose 14-day ban on people going outdoors

The Bavarian government has announced two weeks going outside restrictions for the state, which will enter into force on Saturday from 00:00 hrs. “We must take action now”, said Bavaria premier Markus Soeder on Friday.

“The main rule is: go to work, buy food or help others. Everything else can and must wait”, Soeder explained. After all, the top priority must now be to slow down the rate of infection. The Bavaria premier once again outlined the protective measures implemented so far: All leisure facilities in Bavaria are closed, events are no longer permitted until the end of the Easter holidays and schools, day-care centres and kindergartens have already been closed until 19 April. At this point, Soeder also believes that the federal government is responsible: “We want to make sure that parents are not permanently affected by the loss of wages if they have to stay at home for childcare. Therefore, at the federal level, continued pay in case of illness must be adjusted accordingly.”

What remains allowed during a ban?

  • Travel to and from work with a certificate from the employer (if this is necessary and cannot be done from home)
  • Medical visits, drugstores, pharmacies. Shopping for the needs of daily life, pet shops, dry cleaners
  • Visits to Deutsche Post branches, banks, petrol stations
  • Essential supplies for pets
  • and in exceptional and reasoned cases, a request for exemption may be submitted.