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St. Nicholas Day in Ukraine

Every year, the Orthodox and Catholic world honors the memory of St. Nicholas. On that day it is common to put sweet gifts under the pillow for children, and for adults St. Nicholas Day is a good opportunity to think about the noble values about which the holiday is supposed to remind.

Saint Nicholas is one of the most honored saints in the Orthodox Church, people are praying to him for health and healing, for well-being, for getting rid of any problems and difficulties, and for fulfilling the most sacred dreams. It is believed that on this day the saint is able to hear any request and help.

Saint Nicholas was a Roman priest. He is also called Nicholas the Wonderworker. There is not a lot of information about his life. But it is known that he was born between 270 and 286 years in the Greek colony city of Lycia. It is believed that immediately after his birth, Nicholas was baptized, because his parents were deeply religious people. This is probably why he decided to dedicate his life to religion. For a long time he was a bishop in the ancient city of Mira (Lycia). According to legend, Nicholas was attending the first Ecumenical Council in 325, which took place in Nikea. During this time he attacked his enemy, for which he was arrested and later released. He died in 342 and died on December 6 (according to the Gregorian calendar). The churches that use the Julian calendar, respectively, celebrate St. Nicolas Day on December 19

The gift-giving ritual was born a long time ago. Saint Nicholas lived next door to a poor widower, whose daughter was in love with a rich young man, but his parents did not want to marry his son to a poor bride without a dowry, finding out about it, Saint Nicolas threw a bag of gold coins at her window at night. So St. Nicholas helped to connect the hearts of lovers, about this case began to say that the girl was helped by an angel and for the first time he felt happy and began to help the children and the poor, bringing warm things, food, toys and sweets, but always at night, so that no one would ever recognize him.


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  1. My brother recommended to read thia article I might like this web site. He was entirely right. This post truly made my day. It is full of kindness and Christmas spirit. And it’s good to find out moire about Ukrainian culture. I thought in Ukraine father frost is a big deal.

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