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Sentsov met with Bundestag deputies in Berlin and discussed political prisoners Ukrainian film director and former Kremlin prisoner Oleh Sentsov during a meeting with members of the German Bundestag and human rights activists on 26 September in Berlin stressed the importance of preserving pressure on Russia in order to release all political prisoners.

“I am not making ambitious plans. I have goals. One of them is the freedom and independence of my country. To be more clear, this means the release of our prisoners imprisoned in Russian prisons and in Donbas. This is a non-governmental activity, which I am currently engaged in, I can’t leave it, because life has brought me here, I can’t give up anymore since I feel moral responsibility, because I was told, that I was released and now I should help others. I can’t let my people down,” Sentsov said at a meeting with the chairman of the Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group with Ukraine, Omid Nuripur.