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Recommendations of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine to Foreign Citizens Regarding COVID-19

Foreigners and persons without citizenship temporarily residing or staying on the territory of Ukraine shall be provided with medical care on a paid basis, unless otherwise envisaged by international treaties or laws of Ukraine. Therefore, foreign nationals staying on the territory of Ukraine must have a medical insurance policy in order to receive medical care and/or sign an agreement with health-care institutions for receiving medical care.

In case of symptoms related to the COVID-19 disease, foreign citizens may apply to insurance campaigns and certain healthcare institutions that have signed the respective agreements.

In case a foreign national applies for emergency medical care related to the disease COVID-19, the patient will also be transported by the relevant emergency medical unit to one of the specified infectious disease general hospitals. The payment for the provision of medical services and medicines related to emergency medical care is covered by the State budget under the programme of State guarantees for medical care. At the same time, foreigners or persons without citizenship temporarily residing or staying in Ukraine must reimburse the State for their full cost in accordance to the law.

In case of a positive result of testing for COVID-19, a patient may stay in a hospital to receive medical care and appropriate treatment on the basis of a medical care agreement. Also, representatives of public health institutions shall conduct an epidemiological investigation of a case of COVID-19 and shall collect an analysis from the patient to determine the circle of potential victims. Communication with patient is conducted through the staff of the embassy/consulate of a foreign country.

In the case of refusal of a medical treatment, the patient is obliged to stay under quarantine (self-isolation) and regularly report on his health condition.