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Munich hosts Ukrainian-German Conference on Judicial Proceedings

MFA: On June 14-15, Munich hosts the conference “Introducing the Rule of Law through Fair Trial Standards: A Comparative Approach”, jointly organized by the Ukrainian Free University, the German-Ukrainian Bar Association in Hamburg and the New Human Rights Program in Kyiv.

Keynote speeches were delivered by Professor Holger Matt, former President of the European Criminal Lawyers’ Association, Judge of the Supreme Court of Ukraine Oleksandra Yanovska, and Judge of the US Federal Court of Claims Bogdan Futey. The participants focused their reports on the concept of fair trial in European, American and Ukrainian practice, noting the importance of Ukraine’s strategy for reforming the judicial system.

Consul General Yuriy Yarmilko took part in the official ceremony and thanked the organizers for their systematic work on sharing the experience between Ukrainian and German lawyers in the field of judicial proceedings and holding the third conference on the rule of law.