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Moscow to file protests to US, Germany over interference in Russia’s politics

NV: Russia’s Foreign Ministry will submit official notifications to the US and Germany over interference of their diplomats and the state-run media in Russia’s politics via covering unsanctioned rallies in Moscow on August 3, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova.

“The US Embassy in Moscow had published a route of that so-called stroll planned for Saturday,” she explained. “Item by item, minute by minute was the itinerary set out: what time it starts, what time it ends and so on and so forth,” she added noting that a request was published at the end of the document asking not to follow the given route.

“As we understand, 90% of that information appealed to people to join the event,” Zakharova said.

The Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman mentioned the public comments voiced by the US Embassy’s spokesperson after the banned protest.

“You merely compromise people who take to the streets and speak out what they think about Russia’s future. You are setting them up,” Zakharova said addressing the US Embassy’s diplomats.

She pointed out that along with western diplomats, some media outlets attempted to interfere in Russia’s domestic affairs. She named Germany’s Deutsche Welle news channel among them.