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Merkel: Russia supports puppet regimes in eastern Ukraine and attacks western democracies (including Germany) with hybrid methods

“Russia has created a string of unresolved conflicts among its direct neighbours and annexed the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea in violation of international law. Russia supports puppet regimes in parts of eastern Ukraine and attacks Western democracies with hybrid means, including Germany”, – criticizes Angela Merkel Russia, which has repeatedly violated international agreements.

At an event “Foreign and Security Policy in the German EU Council Presidency” organised by the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Merkel continued to speak of Ukraine and Russia: “There is no doubt that Russia will continue to bother us during the EU Council Presidency. Where basic rules of international law are ignored, we will indicate this. If there is no progress in the Minsk process, we should keep the existing sanctions in force” and assures “On the other hand, the Council Presidency gives us the opportunity to give new impetus to relations. Let us think only of Libya, Syria, climate protection and global health.”