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Merkel noted in her New Year’s speech the German Chairmanship of the Council of the European Union and encouraged not to be afraid of change

Bundesregierung: Angela Merkel in her New Year’s Eve speech encouraged Germans not to be afraid of changes and noted that now more than ever, Germans need “the courage to think in a new way, the strength to leave behind well-known paths, the desire to decide on something new and the determination to act faster”.

Merkel sees climate change as a major challenge in the new year and intends to ” focus all her power” on Germany’s contribution to the protection of the climate. “The warming of our land really does exist. This situation is the result of the global warming that mankind is creating. That is why we must also do everything we can to respond to this challenge. This belief is supported by the climate protection programme adopted a few days ago by the Federal Government and the provinces. I am well aware that the measures taken under that programme create fear in some people and mistrust in others. The Chancellor mentioned the threats of global warming: “Our children and grandchildren will have to live with the consequences of the activities or inactivity of this generation,” Merkel emphasized.

In her speech delivered on New Year’s Eve, German Chancellor Angela Merkel also recalled the principles of market economy, freedom, solidarity and respect for the dignity of every person, which will continue to guide German life and point out new opportunities for using digital technologies: “This means that even in the digital age technology should serve people, not vice versa. “

Angela Merkel also mentioned Germany’s chairmanship of the EU Council in 2020. She said: “Recently, I have often said that in Germany everything will be fine only if everything is fine in Europe too and only in the European Union community can we defend our values and interests and ensure peace, freedom and prosperity. Europe needs to make its voice heard more clearly in the world. We will also work in that direction during Germany’s presidency of the EU Council next year. We plan to have a summit of all member states with China and a meeting with African states. “