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Measures taken by Germany regarding the situation with COVID-19

The number of cases in Germany continues to increase. According to the information released by Robert Koch institute there are 61.913 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Germany. And that’s why local and federal governemt implemented measures regarding the situation with coronavirus.A new federal law was implemented on 28. March for the protection of the public in the event of epidemic situations,granting the federal government additional competencies for the control of epidemics. The federal government can now enact decrees such as limiting public transport and securing provision of pharmaceuticals, medical products, disinfectants, and laboratory diagnosis. Measures to strengthen resources in the health care sector and to enable exceptions to building regulations, for instance to enable the construction of medical treatment centers at short notice, are made possible. A compensation arrangement for parents experiencing reduced income due to child care requirements was additionally included.

The German Federal Ministry of the Interior proclaimedan entry ban for seasonal workerssuch as harvest workers as of 25 March 2020. The regulation applies to entry from all third countries and from most EU countries.

As of March 23rd, gatherings of more than 2 persons (with the exception of families and household members) are banned in all states. Restaurants and businesses concerned with body care were closed. In public spaces , all persons must maintain a distanceof 1.5 metres to other indivduals

As of March 16th, the Federal Government has temporarily restricted cross-border traffic from France, Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Denmark.

On March 18,2020,the Federal Government of Germany implementedentry restrictions for non-EU citizens to Germany. Citizens of EU countries and Great Britain, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland are permittedto travel through Germany.