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Life as a foreigner in Germany- Ukrainian shares his experience A Ukrainian Volodymyr Denisenko left Ukraine 10 years ago and moved to Berlin. He worked as an engineer at a military enterprise. Here he retired and stayed to live.

“In Germany, people have on average about 1250 euros of pension per month. That’s for 10 years of work. It depends on how many years they’ve worked. Around 30 percent of the population have their own companies. People are trying to save additional money to have some savings” says Volodymyr Denisenko.

If a person in the working-age period was unemployed and the pension does not reach the living standard, the state pays the difference.

“A one-room apartment, with water, electricity, and heating in Germany costs 900 euros per month. Another 500 euros is needed for food. That’s why people with low pensions are helped to pay for public services, medical care, and food. Those who has a low income and rent an apartment receive remuneration. Nobody will let you to starve but you won’t get rich. The homeless have their own personal papers. With them, they go to village councils every day in order to get 10 euros. For the people with little income, there are also special shops where it is possible to buy products or clothes for a much lower price.

According to Volodymyr Denisenko, each worker in Germany, including foreigners; must pay monthly contributions to the state pension fund.

According to Volodymyr, there are a lot of things to do on weekends. Usually, people go to the parks, have lunch in a cafe, or have a small ride on bicycles. Retirees can ride for an hour for free.

Photo: Volodymyr Denisenko