Now Barcelona–El Prat Airport switched to Ukrainian-style spelling.

Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry has launched a social media campaign CorrectUA to try to persuade foreign media and international companies to write “Kyiv” for the name of Ukraine’s capital name instead of the traditional English spelling of “Kiev”. The online campaign was launched in October together with the Center for Strategic Communications StratCom Ukraine.

Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry stated: “Under the Russian empire and later the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), Russification was actively used as a tool to extinguish each constituent country’s national identity, culture and language. In light of Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, including its illegal occupation of Crimea, we are once again experiencing Russification as a tactic that attempts to destabilize and delegitimize our country. You will appreciate, we hope, how the use of Soviet-era placenames – rooted in the Russian language – is especially painful and unacceptable to the people of Ukraine.“

One of the first airports that started using the Ukrainian spelling Kyiv for the Ukrainian capital instead of the previously used Russian-transliterated version Kiev was the Larnaka International Airport and Pafos International Airport. Now approximately 18 international airports have switched to Ukrainian-style spelling, most airports that accepted the rules are based in Poland and in Lithuania.