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Jena is the first major German city to introduce obligatory face protection for shoppers

Face protection will be required for shoppers in Jena in about one week
Jena, which has 119 cases of the coronavirus and an overall population of about 110,000, decided to follow Austria which on Monday said it was requiring shoppers to wear basic face masks in supermarkets.

Starting from next week, it will be obligatory to wear face protection mask in public transport and buildings with public access or shopping centers.

This measure has been recommended by the health department. This will increase the safety of pface protection mask ersonnel in public life. In addition to masks, scarves are also recognized as protection. However, scarves must also cover the nose and mouth,- the city administration announced on Monday evening. The measure had been reminded by the health service.

Announcement to sew masks for the population

The city has a basic supply of masks to supply medical staff, doctors, public transport drivers and other people working in relevant infrastructure. According to the Jena city administration, people should be able to wear the important mouth and nose protection for themselves.
The masks do not have to be perfect and “every mask is better than no mask at all.”