“Human Triumph”: an exhibition about the Ukrainians who overcame the Gulag opened in Kyiv

UATV: The exhibition is dedicated to the Ukrainians who were thrown into the Soviet concentration camps, but not only did they not turn into ” engineers of communism “, but, having saved their dignity, with the help of the uprisings – Norilsk, Kengirsk, and Vorkutinsk – they managed to destroy this system.

“At a time when Nazi concentration camps in Europe were turned into museums and described crimes in another part of Europe under communist rule, these camps remained in use. And millions of people went through these camps. This system, which was called the Gulag, was introduced before the Second World War. And after the war it continued to function. Most of the prisoners in these camps were Ukrainians, and the system itself was considered as a tool for the final suppression of the Ukrainians. Therefore, the prisoners were from different social strata,” said Volodymyr Vyatrovich.