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“German Weeks in Ukraine” under the motto “30 years since fall of Berlin Wall”

Deutsche Botschaft: From 25 October to 9 November this year the “German Weeks in Ukraine” will be held for the seventh time. The motto of this year’s program is “30 years since fall of Berlin Wall.”

The German Ambassador to Ukraine, Anka Feldhusen, in her opening speech emphasized: “When the Berlin Wall fell on November 9, 1989, I was living in France. At that time we had no social media through which we could inform ourselves about the events. We all gathered to watch television and witnessed an incredible event. But thirty years ago, nobody really understood what we saw on television. Today we do not only live in a united Germany. The “Iron Curtain” that separated us for so long has also fallen. And Europe – including Ukraine – has experienced, or is still experiencing, incredibly social, cultural and political changes”.

What happened afterwards? What role did the topics such as civil rights, civil society, democracy, overcoming walls and borders play?

The German Embassy will present a broad programme of events in which the topics of democracy, civil rights, civil society action and overcoming walls and borders will be discussed.

Photo: © Deutsche Botschaft Kiew