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German Assistance Against Forest Fires Around Chernobyl

On behalf of the German Federal Government, the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) handed over special equipment to the State Emergency Service of Ukraine (DSNS) for the prevention of forest fires around the former Soviet nuclear power plant in Chernobyl. The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany reports on this matter on its website.

The assistance includes 80 dosimeters for measuring radioactivity. In addition, the supply of a tank fire-fighting vehicle specially equipped for forest and bushfires is in progress. The aid is worth 230,000 euros.

“We are glad to hear that the containment of the fires is going successfully thanks to the great efforts of the the State Emergency Service of Ukraine”, said Anka Feldhusen, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Ukraine. “In order to support and protect the brave firefighters in their efforts, we immediately responded and, in agreement with the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, provided dosimeters and fire truck.

The German government has been supporting the State Emergency Service of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Red Cross since 2015. 150 fire teams in 120 communities have since been equipped with new equipment in addition to training measures: among other things, 2000 protective respirators, 5500 full-face masks, 4100 personal protective suits, 50 water pumps, 60 tonnes of foam extinguisher, 12 ambulances, 50 fire vehicles and 3500 pairs of fire-fighting gloves, boots and helmets each were handed over to the partners. The use of the technical equipment and consulting services has significantly reduced the risk of damage to the health of the emergency services. The number of fire victims has decreased by 30 percent since the beginning of the support.

In order to combat the COVID-19 outbreak, the State Emergency Service of Ukraine received protective masks and protective suits as well as portable disinfection equipment worth 175,000 euros on behalf of the German government.