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Foreign media about Ukraine 25.05.2020

Awakow’s Grand Ukrainian Wall

At the beginning of the war, the government promised to build a wall on the border between Ukraine and Russia within four years. Why is the project still not finished, what has been done and how are the finances used?

Ukraine during the crisis and future developments

The Corona crisis also deepens the political crisis in Ukraine. Hopefully, the course of reform will nevertheless be continued.

Humanitarian aid for Ukraine

In the context of the Corona pandemic and at the request of the Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, Slovakia will send humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

Ukraine: The Corona babies in Kyiv

They were born by Ukrainian surrogate mothers for parents abroad. But because of the Corona pandemic the borders are now closed.

Berlin Archbishop Heiner Koch calls for Ukraine-Hilfe

Archbishop Heiner Koch asked for support for Ukraine in view of the Pentecost campaign of the Aid Organisation of Renovabis. It is about help for orphanages, schools and social centres.