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Deputy Foreign Minister: Initiating Passport Liberalization to prevent losing Ukrainian citizens

NRCU: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs says that the government initiates so-called passport liberalizationto prevent losing Ukrainian citizen. Deputy Foreign Minister Vasyl Bondar said this in his interview to Ukrainian Radio.

“As for the citizens leaving the country when they remain there permanently and slowly obtain citizenship of other countries. By obtaining such citizenship, they lose their Ukrainian citizenship, and we are losing citizens only because our legislation does not allow us to keep the Ukrainian passport. In my experience, 99% of these people would like to keep their Ukrainian passports and have the opportunity to keep in contact with Ukraine. We know dozens of cases when citizens of Ukraine lost this connection and then applied for a passport back. Therefore, in order not to lose the citizens of Ukraine, we implement the so-called passport liberalization,” said the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs.

According to him, today in Ukraine there is no effective system of control for possession a second passport.

“As a rule, citizens with two passports cross our border with the Ukrainian passport. We can control only a few cases when a person accidentally pulls out his passport, etc. Therefore, control does not always work effectively, especially in situations in which dual citizenship is not illegal. For example, if a child was born in a joint marriage, or in other cases provided by law, this process is actually legalized,” he said.

There is a unified citizenship in Ukraine. The legislation stipulates that in case of obtaining a Ukrainian passport a person must resign from foreign citizenship. A few months ago, the Ukrainian president instructed the Foreign Ministry to develop a system for granting Ukrainian citizenship as a second citizenship for ethnic Ukrainians.