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Deputies of Ukraine and EU discussed short-term prospects for the opening of EU borders for travel of Ukrainian citizen

Deputies of Ukraine and the EU discussed short-term prospects for the opening of EU borders for travel of Ukrainian citizen, this was announced in the joint communiqué of the co-chairmen of the Vitold Jan \Vaszczykowski And Vadym Halaichuk, Co-Chairs of the EU-Ukraine Parliamentary Association Committee, following the informal meeting of the SCC Bureau on May 15.

“To support and further develop our cooperation even during the COVID-19 pandemic, an informal online meeting of the members of the Bureau of the Parliamentary Committee of the Association between Ukraine and the EU – an inter-parliamentary body established under the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU – was held on May 15.

“We expressed our full solidarity and support to all nations who fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and to all those who suffered from it. We discussed the measures adopted by the EU and Ukraine in this unprecedented situation, and we appreciate the EU’s adoption of a comprehensive package of support and assistance for Ukraine in dealing with the sanitary, social and economic consequences of the pandemic. We are grateful for the approval by the Council and the European Parliament a large programme of macrofinancial assistance for Ukraine of EUR 1.2 billion. The EU pays special attention to vulnerable populations in eastern Ukraine and we highly appreciate the international humanitarian support provided by the EU. We have agreed on the need to raise awareness of EU humanitarian assistance to Ukraine among the Ukrainian population through various media. We have also reached agreement on the importance of receiving guidance from EU member States on short-term prospects of opening the EU borders for Ukrainian citizens to travel.”

The deputies also agreed to continue close cooperation in implementing and monitoring the reforms, including through virtual meetings and regular exchanges of information among members. According to them, this is important for the implementation of the Association Agreement and further strengthening of ties between Ukraine and the EU.