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Coronavirus: Ukraine sends doctors to help Italy

20 Medical specialists of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Health Flew to help Italian doctors. All doctors volunteered to help Italy. In a few days Ukraine will also send medical aid to Italy. This was announced by Interior Minister Arsen Avakov and Health Minister Maksym Stepanov.

“Today we are sending 20 Ukrainian medical workers to the region of Marche by plane AN-74 of the National Guard. This is an important step for us, to help our friends during difficult times. This is a sign of solidarity and assistance. In Italy, many Ukrainians are employed, according to unofficial data, and about 100 of them are hospitalized. Helping Italy, we will help ourselves. And what is very important is that Ukrainian specialists will get invaluable experience in the field of coronavirus treatment,” Arsen Avakov said.

Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs also noted that in two days medical aid would be sent to Italy: “These will be special disinfectants, because we have enough supplies to fill the domestic market and we can share them with partners in Europe. In addition, we are planning a new rescue helicopter, which will also fly to help Italy. We are planning that these missions will last two weeks, our medics will come back, they will go through all the safety procedures and share their experience,” Arsen Avakov added.

Health Minister Maxim Stepanov noted that the medics, who are going to Italy, are supplied with all the necessary individual protective equipment.

“We will constantly stay in contact with our doctors in Italy, so that all the experience gained during the treatment of this disease, we can use in Ukraine. Neurologists, infectiologists, intensive care specialists, surgeons, anesthesiologists, endocrinologists, and nurses, that is, all people who are involved in the treatment of this disease, “- said Maxim Stepanov.

Italian Ambassador to Ukraine David La Cecilia expressed gratitude to President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov and Minister of Healthcare Maksym Stepanov for the assistance and support so much needed to Italian doctors.

“Ukrainian doctors will work for 14 days, help Italian doctors and get experience that they can use further. This contribution is highly appreciated by Italy”, – said David La Cecilia.