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Coronavirus: Germany to reopen hairdressers and let children return to school

In Germany, the coronavirus spreads slowly compared to the beginning of the epidemic. This makes it possible to implement measures to allow opening in selected areas. On May 6th, federal and state governments intend to discuss the issue again.

Starting this week, further steps towards opening in some institutions and service areas are possible: hairdressing salons can welcome customers again under certain conditions. Access must be controlled, queues must be avoided and the use of personal protective equipment is mandatory. “Face-related services” such as eyebrow and eyelash tinting and beard care are not yet permitted because of the higher risk of infection.

Children return to school

In many German federal states, after the final classes, those schoolchildren who have final exams in the next school year can return from Monday as well as the senior primary school classes. Distance regulations and hygiene requirements also apply in the schools. The federal and state governments had agreed on this procedure on 15 April.

Museums, exhibitions, galleries, botanical gardens, zoos and playgrounds should also be allowed to reopen. In addition, church services will take place again.

The federal and state governments plan to discuss further steps on 6 May.

Photo: Getty Images/Thomas Lohnes