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Corona measures: Angela Merkel Discusses conditions for lifting restrictions

Federal government plans to open shops up to 800 square metres – What will happen to churches, schools, libraries?


The federal government intends to reopen shops with a sales area of up to 800 square metres. Chancellor Angela Merkel noted after talks with leaders from the country’s 16 states, reported German Press Agency in Berlin (DPA). Under the new rules, the restrictions on contacts, which have been in place for several weeks, are to be extended until 3 May.

Schools, childcare centres

Exams and exam preparations for the final classes of the current school year should be able to take place immediately after the appropriate preparations, the paper continues. The day-care centres will continue to provide day-care in emergencies and will be extended to other professional and requirement groups. This should enable parents to return to their everyday working lives, especially in the key economic sectors.

Bicycle retailers and bookshops

According to the paper, car dealership, bicycle retailers and bookstores are to reopen regardless of the sales area. Under the same conditions, cultural institutions such as libraries and archives as well as zoological and botanical gardens should also be able to reopen. Among those public services for which physical proximity is indispensable, “hairdressers should first prepare” to reopen on 4 May under certain conditions and “using personal protective equipment”. Restaurants, bars and pubs are to remain closed as before.

Churches, mosques and synagogues

Meetings in churches, mosques and synagogues as well as religious celebrations and events and meetings of other religious communities should remain prohibited according to the concepts of the government. Hotels should continue to be “available only for necessary and expressly non-tourist purposes”.

Border control

The border controls at the borders with Austria, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Denmark, Italy and Spain, which have been temporarily reintroduced, will be extended by order of the Federal Ministry of the Interior for another 20 days until 4 May 2020. The aim is to reduce the spread of the coronavirus further.

Photo: Federal Government