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Contemporary Ukrainian Writers Jurij Andruchowytsch And Serhij Zhadan as Guests In The Embassy

MFA: The meeting of representatives of the Ukrainian community with two contemporary Ukrainian writers – Yuriy Andrukhovych and Serhiy Zhadan – took place in a friendly atmosphere on 13 October 2019 at the Embassy of Ukraine in Germany. The event was hosted by the director of the publishing house Meridian Czernowitz Jewhenija Lopata. “The tour through Germany is proof of a high-quality Ukrainian cultural product. These authors, particularly their books, shape the Europeans’ idea of the contemporary Ukrainian literary process, literature, culture and thus Ukraine itself. They are the true cultural ambassadors”, says Mrs. Lopata.

A big surprise of the evening was the presentation of Serhij Zhadan’s unpublished book dedicated to the events in Donbas. The author read extracts from his book, which does not yet have a title. Yuri Andrukhovych also quoted from his book “Kochannja Justytsii”, the German translation of which will soon be published.