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Concert of chamber music on the occasion of 130th anniversary of the birth of Lev Revutskiy

MFA: On Saturday in Erlöserkirche church in Munich there was a chamber music concert on the occasion of 130th anniversary of the outstanding Ukrainian composer Lev Revutskiy. Ukrainian and German musicians Olga Glebovich (violin), Emanuel Matz (cello) and Yaromir Bozhenko (piano) presented works of Ukrainian classical music and introduced to the audience the works of another Ukrainian composer Vasyl Barvinsky.

Levko Mykolayevych Revutsky was born on February 20, 1889 in Irzhavets, Pryluky County of the Poltava Governorate (presently in the Chernihiv Oblast) in Ukraine to a family of a trustee of a rural school. The parents of the future composer were well-educated. His music talent showed up very early and his mother began to teach young Revutsky to play the piano when he hardly was five years old. By age ten, he showed skill at improvisation and had perfect pitch, earning him the nickname “Tuning fork”.

In 1903 his parents transferred Revutsky to Kiev’s Val’ker gymnasium and simultaneously the music school of Mykola Tumanovsky where he studied fortepiano with Mykola Lysenko. Revutsky later recalled, “Lysenko became for me the first example of artistic ideals.”

In 1950 he undertook the enormous task of editing and preparing Mykola Lysenko‘s works for publication. In February, 1969 in connection with his 80th birthday and for creative merit Levko Revutsky was awarded the rank of Hero of Socialist Labor. He died on March 30, 1977 in Kiev, and is buried in Baikove Cemetery.