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British Ambassador to Ukraine Judith Gough completes her diplomatic mission in Ukraine

British diplomat Judith Gough has left her position as the UK Ambassador to Ukraine. She held the post for four years and will shortly be replaced by Melinda Simmons, a diplomat with a strong background in security and conflict resolution.

“Four years as the Ambassador of Great Britain have passed quickly. During this time, my team and I, as well as our international partners, to the maximum tried to help Ukraine and Ukrainians who oppose the Russian aggression,” Gough said in a Ukrainian language statement published by the Embassy on Aug. 1.

British ambassador to Ukraine since September 2015, Gough has been widely viewed as one the country’s most active foreign diplomats and one of its strongest allies. She and her team implemented hundreds of projects, many with partners, throughout the country.

“In particular, Britain assisted in the creation of NABU (National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine) and the High Anti-Corruption Court; British instructors trained over 13,000 Ukrainian military persons under Operation ORBITAL program; we taught English to 600 new patrol officers, 2,800 civil servants and gave advanced training to 5,000 Ukrainian teachers and lecturers,” Gough said in a video addressing Ukrainians in their own language.

“Thank you Ukraine for four bright years! I learned a lot and had the honor to meet and collaborate with many impressive people. I am especially grateful to my amazing team. I am very sad to leave, but this is not a farewell … see you!” wrote Gough on her Twitter account