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An International Event in Munich with Sergiy Zhadan

Sergiy Zhadan’s cultural event took place at the Ukrainian Free University in Munich.


Among the guests are Ukrainian and German students of Munich’s educational institutions, professors.
Sergey Zhadan starts with his novel “Orphanage”. According to the author, this work is not for “reading out loud”, so after a short abstract, he moves on to reading poems. The “Orphanage” describes the events in Donbas during the conflict between Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian separatists. This translation of Sergey Zhadan’s novel ” Orphanage”, won the Leipzig Book Fair award.

Sergey Zhadan’s literary event took place within the framework of the Winter School (March 09-13, 2020), which is aimed to attract students and young researchers, as well as interested individuals from public institutions and mass media, to get acquainted with the main historical, cultural, economic and environmental relations of Ukraine and neighboring countries.