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An exhibition dedicated to Markijan Paslavski, a volunteer who died near Ilowaysk, was opened at the Ukrainian Diaspora Museum The exhibition “New York – Ilovaisk: Choice” opened in Kyiv and is dedicated to the memory of the serviceman from the USA Markijan Paslavski, who was the volunteer in the battalion “Donbas”.

Markijan Paslavsky was born in an ethnic Ukrainian family in the United States. After moving to his historic homeland, he participated in the Revolution of Dignity and military actions in the east of the country. He died near Ilovaisk.

The exposition of the exhibition is arranged in four exhibition halls. There are artifacts from the collections of the Museum of Ukrainian Diaspora and the National Museum of the Revolution of Dignity.

The exhibition project “New York – Ilovaisk: Choice” will last until October 20, 2019. In addition to the exhibition, a special program for visitors is planned: tutorial and author’s tours, film presentations and discussions.