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A 30-meter flag of Ukraine in support of Mariupol defenders was displayed in Berlin

A 30-foot Ukrainian flag was displayed on Saturday in front of the German Bundestag in support of Azovstal’s Mariupol defenders.
“The flag we displayed has traveled thousands of miles, from Australia, where it was created in support of Ukraine, to Berlin. It carries the powerful slogan of solidarity “They Are Us”, as well as many wishes for victory and peace, with which the citizens of Australia wanted to show their unity with the Ukrainians. Today “They Are Us” has gained a new meaning – it is unity with the defenders of Azovstal, who heroically defend Ukraine in Mariupol. Our demonstration today was dedicated to them and was held under the slogan Save Mariupol!” – noted on Facebook one of the initiators of the action Alexander Snidalov.

one of the initiators of the action Alexander Snidalov.

After Berlin, the flag will travel further, Irina Lapska will take it to Warsaw. And then the flag will travel further through the countries of Europe, telling the story of unbreakable defenders of Ukraine.