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7 Tourist attractions in Ukraine to enjoy spring’s lovely blooms.

LifeStyle 24 suggests  7 tourist routes, which everybody needs to visit.

  1. Krokus (Saffron Hayfelya)- the first place where they bloom in Ukraine is the Carpathian Mountains. The majority of these flowers are located in the village Kolochavi Mizhgirye District of Transcarpathian region, near the lake Sinevir. These flowers are protected by Ukrainian red book so it’s forbidden to pluck them. This particular place is known to be one of the most ecological places in Ukraine
  2. The Ichnyan National Park is very beautiful during the springtime. The Park is located near the city of Ijan in Chernihiv region. Here the visitors can admire the beautiful flower that is protected by the Red Book –the snowdrops.
  3. “Valley of daffodils” is located 4 km from the Transcarpathian city of Khust. “Valley of daffodils” is a part of the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve which is a UNESCO biosphere reserve.
  4. Kirovograd Dendropark is a large park area, which covers about 45 hectares of Kirovohrad town itself. Kirovograd Dendropark is well known because of the tulips that were imported from Holland. Besides tulips, there are still a lot of attractions in the park. The citizens of  Kirovograd sometimes call this park “Ukrainian Disneyland”.